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"Veteran local actor Peter Schmitz takes on the relatively minor role of Archdeacon Daubeny and proves that there are no small parts. His every line is a master class of comic understatement and Wildean élan."
("A Woman of No Importance", Walnut Street Theatre, January 2020.

Tilting at Windmills—MAN OF LA MANCHA at Ambler’s Act II Playhouse, Stage Magazine May 6, 2014
"ACT II Playhouse’s ‘Man of La Mancha’ to sally forth April 29 " April 23, 2014 by ticket


"What is Philly's First Theater?" Article on Philly Voice website 8/16/17:

Dialect Work:

"Constellations" at Wilma Theater
"Marianne and Roland are different people in each scene; this is communicated in a number of satisfying ways, right down to subtle changes in British dialect, from lace-curtain primness to jarring Cockney tones (Peter Schmitz is the excellent dialect coach)"
- Cameron Kelsall, Talkin' Broadway, January 19, 2017

"Writing with An Accent: Info for Writers with Peter Schmitz":